Project for the Preservation and Utilization of Artifacts from Nonaka Kofun

Nonaka Kofun

3D measurement of the Nonaka Kofun artifacts

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Components of Kofun-period armor


Nonaka kofun suits of armor

These images were created based on three-dimensional measurement data.

Suit No.2 (riveted horizontal-plate cuirass)

【Transparent】Suit No.2 (riveted horizontal-plate cuirass)

Neck guard, shoulder guard No.2

【Transparent】Neck guard, shoulder guard No.2

Iron faulds No.3

Helmet No.6 (riveted scale helmet with visor, Neck plate)

Helmet No.6 (riveted scale helmet with visor)

【Transparent】Helmet No.6 (riveted scale helmet with visor)

Suit No.7 (riveted triangle-plate cuirass)

【Transparent】Suit No.7 (riveted triangle-plate cuirass)

Helmet No.7 (riveted scale helmet with visor)

【Transparent】Helmet No.7 (riveted scale helmet with visor)

7号頸甲・肩甲/Neck guard, shoulder guard No.7

【Transparent】Neck guard, shoulder guard No.7

Suit No.9 (thonged triangle-plate collared cuirass)

【Transparent】Suit No.9 (thonged triangle-plate collared cuirass)

Helmet No.10 (Leather keeled helmet, Feathered helmet ornament)

Helmet No.10 (Leather keeled helmet, Neck plate)


Project overview

The Nonaka Kofun-period mounded tomb (referred to below as Kofun) contains many weapons and arms such as suits of armor, suggesting the force and political strategy of the Yamato government of the time.


Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group

The Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group in Osaka Prefecture was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 6, 2019, and is one of Japan’s largest kofun groups.


Nonaka Kofun 3D imaging

You can see the abundant weapons and armor excavated from Nonaka Kofun in 3D images.


Interpreting the Kofun period

To make knowledge on Kofun more accessible, explanations of the tomb shapes, decorations, burial goods, and The Mozu-Furuichi Kofun Group are available.